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It begins with a botched robbery and a gun to the beast's head.

On request of the gang he was associated with at the time, Jayze had broken into Sasha's house under the assumption he wasn't home. He was in the process of stuffing valuables into his pockets and searching for a safe when Sasha came up behind him, calmly and genuinely asking if there was anything he could help with.

Understandably distrustful and hostile, Jayze immediately put Sasha at gunpoint, demanding that Sasha tell him who he called. Sasha, shockingly unphased, truthfully responded that he hadn't called anyone and was just trying to offer him help and coffee, if he wanted it. Though it took a lot of talking and wordless compliance to a paranoid and angry Jayze, eventually, Jayze calmed down at the realization that Sasha truly meant what he was saying and posed no threat. True to his word, Sasha politely made the two of them coffee, before telling Jayze that though he had to leave for church, Jayze was welcome back any time. Jayze watched Sasha nod and get into his car, driving away; leaving Jayze stunned in a stranger's house with a coffee cup in his hands.

After much debate on whether or not the the potential reward was worth the risk, Jayze decided that he would take Sasha up on the offer, and began stopping by his place more and more frequently. Sasha, sensing Jayze was troubled and wanting to help, welcomed him every occassion, and over time, the two built an odd friendship.

But, with Jayze taken by Sasha's looks and more so by his kindness towards Jayze, his feelings began slipping out of the platonic realm into that of lust, at the very least, and began a flirtation with Sasha. While mostly oblivious at first, as Sasha slowly came to the delusional conclusion that Jayze was, in fact, a divine angel sent to guide, care for, and punish him, Sasha began to return Jayze's advances. The two fell fast into physical intimacy, as much and as often as they possibly could.